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  1. Planned Expeditions
    Two FJ so far, ready to cross Mojave desert. -3 days '140 miles Anybody wants to join?
  2. Planned Expeditions
    Me and a couple FJ guys are running up to Cleghorn on Sunday 4/28/2019 if any others are wanting to join! We looking to meet up at the dirt lot at 7 am. and hit the trail by 8 am. (Cleghorn is easy-medium trail running OHV in Southern Ca).:bandit:
  3. Trail Runs/Get-Togethers
    Hello to all the Eastern Shore MD Fj owners, I don't know if there's any good trails or parks around here. As I'm new to offloading my truck. If there's any good trails near Maryland, or the surrounding states, could you please suggest some? I really would love to get together with a lot more...
1-3 of 3 Results