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  1. Croom ride Saturday july 1 2017

    Newbie Discussions
    Ive had an Fj for a few months now but have never been "real" off-roading (my friends and i sometimes go to a place called "the hill" in south tampa with a few mud holes, but thats all I've done) we were planning on taking my fj and a few tacomas offload this saturday, and I've read about groom...
  2. Bundy Hill Meet N Greet

    Mid West Region
    Hello Fellow FJ Cruiser Pilots, I'm new to the forum. I would like to see who in my area still has there FJ and wants to meet up for some mud and trail riding. I recently went to a park in Jerome Mi called bundy hill and it was a blast! I only had 1 issue and that was that I didn't go with any...
  3. Colorado, Halfmoon Creek Run - FEB 18th

    Trail Runs/Get-Togethers
    Hello all, A group of friends and I are running the Halfmoon Creek trail close to Leadville, Colorado on the 18th of February. This is an open invite to anyone that would like to tag along. We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Saturdays Discount Gas Station (address: 12655 US Highway...
  4. Anyone in Bend Or want to have an FJ meet?

    North West Region
    Howdy, Just moved to Bend with my FJ and I was wondering if anyone wanted to have a little meetup?
  5. Anyone in the Northeast Florida/ Southeast Georgia Area?

    South East Region
    I want to organize a meet and do some trail riding in the area if any one is interested. Let me know if you are in the area.
  6. Calling any Forum Master who can do a meet and greet in the OC

    Socal Region
    I was excited to read this post about meeting some folks in Orange County, but then realized this was 6 years ago. Is there an FJ Club or folks who live in the OC who can show some newbies like myself a few things or...
  7. Iowa Tall Corn Cruisers annual meeting time!

    Mid West Region
    When: Sunday November 16th 1PM Where: Montana Mikes in Newton, IA FB link for meeting: Official forum thread: Annual Meeting | IH8MUD Forum Come and hang out with other Toyota enthusiasts. Non-members are encouraged to attend the meeting...
  8. Lower mainland, bc

    Canadian Forum
    Hey i am from abbotsford looking to meet some new people to wheel with. I am a newb and am running completely stock right now. I was hoping some folks would be interested in meeting, either go for a brew or hit the trails.