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  1. Another Bad Mileage Situation

    Maintenance Tech
    Hey Guys, Sorry to start a new thread about this but I'm at a loss and looking for other suggestions. So I'm getting about 10-14 MPG but when I first got the FJ I was getting about 18+MPG. Lets start off with it's an '08 TT AT with 285 tires, 3" lift, armor, but no aftermarket bumpers, around...
  2. buying 'high' milage. What to look for?

    Newbie Discussions
    Hi Guys, I am a total newbie to the FJ but fell in love with it after researching it. Being on a budget (12K-15K) I see a lot out there with over 120K miles on it. Knowing the reliabilty of toyotas it still seems like a lot of money to me for a car with that many miles. US cars always started...