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  1. Rear door strut conversion.

    Newbie Discussions
    G'day, Thanks for allowing me to join...I'm the proprietor of Strut Your Stuff Gas Struts here in Bunbury, WA. New to our extensive range, is the rear door strut kit for the FJ Cruiser. It is specially dampened to open in a controlled manner, to 90 degrees, or approx 95 degrees if requested. It...
  2. From Desert to Rock

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hi Guys, I am new here.. I have a beast FJ fully modified and tuned for high speed, high dune climbing off roading in the deserts of The Emirates. Now I moved to Lebanon where it is all rocks and mud and I am taking my rig with me. I wanna know what is needed to make my FJ rock ready. My...
  3. Gredien's 07 FJ Cruiser

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello Forum Friends! As of last month I paid off my FJ and now I can begin my dream build for her. Currently my daily with 140k miles. 2007. Second owner. My current automotive knowledge is about Novice so I would highly appreciate input from experienced FJ owners. I want to start my build...
  4. First $1000

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just recently picked up an '07 6MT FJ. It came with a 3" Rough Country lift, TRD Exhaust, and the optional lights. I intend to put in a new receiver and backup camera. Besides tires and a receiver, where is my first $1000 best spent? I'd appreciate any input. I'd also like an extra...
  5. Where Did You Go With Your FJ Today?

    General Discussion
    This thread is only for what you did "WITH" your FJ today. Please use the other thread for what you did "TO" your FJ today. Took the Shiba`s on a mission to PetSmart. Stopped at Famous...
  6. What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

    General Discussion
    This may sound weird but we are always doing something like 4x4, washing , a good coat of wax picture, a new sticker, wheels, lift, super charger or just an oil change the point is what you did today to or with the FJ cruiser. This is my favorite thread on the jeep forum and probably the most...