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  1. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Howdy fellow Fun Junkie owners!! New member here from San Diego CA. 2013 iceberg with 4x4, mostly stock. Looking forward to seeing some sweet mods and tips for building out my rig!
  2. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hey guys! im new on here. ill post some pics of the oll FJ tomorrow when their is some sun out. Is anyone in the New Mexico Metro area? (Albuquerque) :clap:
  3. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello everyone! I am to say the least a newbie. I had a 2007 2WD FJ and was getting sick of getting stuck on my backpacking trips, so I traded it in and got a 2010 FJ with 4WD and only 30k miles. It came with some mods on it like Icon suspension, N-fab side steps (i think) and cold air intake...
  4. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hey guys, My name is Natalie, I am one of the many proud female FJ lovers. I'm from Midway, Utah and love my FJ in snow and mud. Sadly, my 2010 TTE was totaled in a crash recently so I am currently searching for the next FJ for me.
1-4 of 4 Results