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  1. Intermittent rubbing noise - can anyone diagnose?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    While driving on the highway, I am getting an intermittent rubbing noise coming somewhere from the front end of my 2011 FJ. Sounds like plastic rubbing a tire gently, but I do not hear it at slower speeds in city driving. Looked underneath and can't see anything that would be causing this...
  2. Weird humming vibration and metal clank

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey everyone. So I'm 3 weeks into my 2010 4x4 with 93k. I decided that monday I should grease my zerks as I've seen plenty of people commenting on this helping with the thud and being necessary maintenance. I greased all 6, and the next day while driving I heard this loud pop followed by a...
  3. Loose Steering & Sounds - Steering Rack, Steering Shafts, Help?

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    Well gang here is one I really could use some advice about so I don't waste money in all the wrong places. So my FJ in about the past year or so has lost the charm and beautiful tight feeling in the steering that it once had. Just the other day I drove my cousin's FJ and it has that nice, tight...
  4. Famous Drive shaft clunk - possible solution

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Just wanted to create a post dedicated to the famous clunk that many FJ Cruisers are experiencing. I know that has been discussed before, but it seems there no information on identifying the actual problem with the drive shaft (aka drive line). This is what I will try to provide here. Simptom...
  5. Aftermarket Parking Brake Noise

    Maintenance Tech
    Hi Everyone, I keep getting grinding from the aftermarket parking brakes I bought at Autozone. They damaged the rotor I bought, which was just replaced. Adjusting the star wheel and interior cabin adjustment seem to have no effect. They still grind. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks...
  6. Here we go--08 FJ Manual 4x4--HELP

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hey everyone new to the forum but have definitely done HOURS of research already on here! So I recently just purchased an 08 FJ manual transmission 4x4 with 72K miles on it. As soon as I got back into town I took to the local toyota dealer to get it inspected.. of course they charge me for 2...
  7. Another question about engine noise

    Engine Performance
    Hello everybody, I would really appreciate if you can help me on this issue. A few weeks ago I start hearing a new sound coming from what appeared to be the driver's side. The sound resembled with a ticking noise and it was not very loud. It is intermittent and I could not find any correlation...
  8. Flapping Noise (engine mud guard)

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hi, I recently bought a 2010 FJ and i noticed a very slight noise behind the steering wheel. Kind of a tapping noise above 40mph. After some internet investigation, someone had a same problem and said it was the mud guard that shields the engine from inside the wheel well. I looked at it and...
  9. TRD Suspension Pop Noise

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    This is the second FJ I've owned. This one is a 2014 Trails Team edition with the TRD suspension. I would image that the TRD suspension offered on all previous FJs is about the same. The FJ has 7600 miles on it and has developed a strange popping noise in the suspension. Driving straight, even...