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  1. Texas
    Im new to the FJ Forum! So Im looking for a group to go wheeling over at Down South Offroad. Im not sure if there is a group already in Houston I just have not found it. So if anyone could help me ring the "Houston Group" would be great
  2. Blog
    What are the exact steps-procedure to lower/remove the overhead console to access things behind CRAWL control knob? Thank-You
  3. Blog
    My channel on YouTube is picking up some momentum finally. Check it out. I put the traction control disable on the truck too, finally. Works great!
  4. Blog
    Been trying to get my FJ and friends online for viewing. I am always looking for and finding new areas to "explore" and most are legal! Anyway, here is my link Followthelemming's Channel - YouTube Only an handful of videos so far, I will try to get a new one up at least twice a month. I have 3...