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  1. Is there anyone in Oregon (or southern WA) with aftermarket seats?

    North West Region
    I'd love to get some aftermarket seats for my FJ. The stock seats are both too low and too painful. I want to try some out first before I buy, but I haven't been able to find a retailer in Oregon that has seats in vehicles or on the showroom floor to test. Does anyone in the region have new...
  2. Anyone in Bend Or want to have an FJ meet?

    North West Region
    Howdy, Just moved to Bend with my FJ and I was wondering if anyone wanted to have a little meetup?
  3. I found my new mechanic my Bend

    North West Region
    I found my new mechanic in Bend Last weekend I was driving the national forest roads, when I heard really bad clanking sounds coming from my passage wheel. I looked and I had lost the nut to the Upper Control Arm (UCA) and the bolt was working its way off. I managed to drive slowly off the...