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  1. P0420 question. Please help!

    Engine Performance
    So, I have only the p0420 code right now and have been using a blue driver (obd 2 scanner) to read all my info. The scanner shows me the cat temps and both banks have just about the exact same temperatures (pictured below) so i'm thinking it isn't my cat. Am I correct in assuming this? From...
  2. How to replace catalytic converters for P0420 and P0430 error codes

    Engine Performance
    Hi. 2007 FJ 4WD w 160k miles error codes P0420 passenger side and P0430 driver side codes came up. Catalyst inefficiency meaning the catalytic converters were no good. Ran cat cleaner through the gas tank and no change. Dealer wanted 4g for new cats including install. I paid $750 total. 2...
  3. Drove til batt dead, now P0420 & P0430

    Maintenance Tech
    My alternator died and I drove home with a dying battery. I drove it until it died and I coasted it into the driveway. I replaced the alt and battery, no problem. However, now I'm getting P0420, P0430, and c1201 codes. Could I have damaged the cats by driving with a dead battery? Or, are the...