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paint job

  1. Canadian Forum
    Good evening, I have a black (paint code: 2KC) 2011 Fj Cruiser in need of some paint touch up work. I purchased the vehicle 4-months ago and absolutely love it! The vehicle is in fantastic mechanical condition but I do have numerous stone chips which are not aesthetically pleasing. The chips...
  2. Mid West Region
    Hi All, First time post, and wish it would've been a more positive one. But the "Mrs." ran my MINT, no scratches, no dings, perfect paint.. 2013 FJ TT into the wall and I need some recommendations on an auto-body shop. Please let me know if anyone knows of any good ones in the Twin Cities...
  3. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hey peeps, have a 2008 iceberg TT 6 speed MT. love my sweet ride....paint though.....just fading out :mecry::mecry::mecry:, bought it in 2011 from boerne texas, guess previous owner left it to the mercy of the sun, even with washing at home paint stains windows :(((.....really don't want to...