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  1. New Exhaust for my '07. AFE or Borla?

    Engine Performance
    Ok I've nursed the original exhaust as long as possible. It's Not TRD. It's presently being held up muffler back with Stainless steel tape and Hose clamps.Lol! I'm hoping to just replace from cat back. The mechanic I trust has offered 2 options both stainless steel. A Borla with a 2.25" pipe...
  2. Long Tube Headers & Tuning

    Newbie Discussions
    Hello, I recently put on long tube headers on my 07 FJ, along with a straight y-pipe and JBL exhaust. All my lights came on on my dash, and I'm running extremely rich. I'm getting 9 to 13 miles per gallon. I've called around to different performance shops but no one will tune an FJ. I live in...
  3. Performance Chip Recommendations?

    Engine Performance
    Hi, this is my first thread and question to the FJ community here, and as I have my FJ in the shop to get revamped after buying used, one thing I want to do is buy a performance chip to improve my HP and get the most out of my already dwindling gas mileage because of larger tires and a slight...
  4. A True Head Scratcher

    Engine Performance
    What's up forum fam, I've got one for you coming hot out of the ATL. I drive an 08' TTE that's been causing me a lot of headache lately. Describing the problem isn't the easiest to do, so please bear with me and spare the "search is your friend" comments...We all know how reliable the search...
  5. Long-or-Short, Exhausted by the Options

    Engine Performance
    Headers. The question is, which way to go I guess. I've read comparisons on long tube and short tube, but I would rather ask the people using them. I'd like for the 'ole girl to be supremely capable in the power department, among other things?. So personal opinions, what set up shows the best...
  6. High Mileage Performance question

    Engine Performance
    Whats going on guys, I Bought my '07 FJ with 180k miles on it back in sept of 2016 i currently have 202k and really want to do something to enhance the performance. Cold air, Bigger headers, exhaust.. ext I was wondering if you think that it would be worth it. Or am i just throwing money away...
  7. Opinion about - "Chip" + throttle body spacer mods etc.

    Engine Performance
    Greetings, hope all is well. I have an 07 and its awesome. got her used and came with TRD exhaust, wheels, & 2" lift. Maybe it was a trd model. NOW i was thinking of adding juice under the hood, wanted to ask you opinion on a few things - 1. TRD intake all positive info on this. what can you...