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  1. Engine Performance
    So guys I will start by telling my whole story so that you can be updated with me and help me figure out what is the problem, First of all my car is Fj 2015 with 127,xxx Km , my whole problem started when i went to the desert and drove recklessly when done with that the car began to vibrate and...
  2. Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Just got done dealing with a confusing issue, hope this helps. I was very close to spending a lot of money that wasn't necessary. Symptoms: Voltage drop under braking, voltage dive coming to a stop, good start with low idle, stalling idle, battery not charging I was experiencing all of these...
  3. Newbie Discussions
    Hi guys. I have a 2011 FJ cruiser Auto. If the Engine is under load (so towing something), and I get to 2600 RPM, the power backs off and the Revs fall to 2500 RPM, it then recovers and drops again at 2700 RPM back to 2600RPM, then recovers again and goes up to 2800RPM and drops off again to...
1-3 of 3 Results