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  1. New Exhaust, power loss?

    Engine Performance
    Hi, I recently got a new Borla dual exhaust for the FJ. While the twin pipes look great and I love the sound, I THINK it feels like I lost some power. Is this possible? I am getting the same mileage & miles per gallon. I also got a new Mini Cooper S that is quick, so I kinda think driving it may...
  2. Erratic voltage, strange symptoms

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Just got done dealing with a confusing issue, hope this helps. I was very close to spending a lot of money that wasn't necessary. Symptoms: Voltage drop under braking, voltage dive coming to a stop, good start with low idle, stalling idle, battery not charging I was experiencing all of these...
  3. Adding USB Outlet to Rear Door

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Hello all - Couldn't find any threads about adding a dual USB socket on the rear door. Goal is to add a storage rack on the rear door and charge electronics attached to the door. Anyone do this? If not, anyone know the best place to tap into available power? Not looking for a lot of amperage...
  4. Another Turbo Install (2013 Trail Team)

    Engine Performance
    After someone posted their turbo install, I got excited and decided to do one my own. It had been on my list of "MUST DO" mods but never actually had the resources to do it. Thankfully, me and my friend's shop decided it was long overdue and we decided to give it a try and actually show its...
  5. Portable power in an ammo can!

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    I stumbled across this gem a while back and he is finally going into production with it! The PWRBOX35-S is designed to be the power solution for outdoor, on the road, and emergency use. Encased in a waterproof Ammo Box, the 35Ah AGM battery packs a punch with over 350 Cold Cranking Amps. From...