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rear bumper

  1. Bolts and washers and nuts for rear stock ABS plastic bumper

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    HELP! I want to know what kind of bolts are washers or screws these are and where to get them that's not the dealer for my rear back bumper these look rusted and beat up and I want to get new screws for my rear bumper It's a regular stock plastic ABS bumper. I noticed it when I was changing my...
  2. Can Anyone ID this rear bumper and the needed components?

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Posted a couple of newbie FJ posts already. Bought the truck with some mods already done. One of them is this rear bumper but I cannot ID the brand. Tail lights are square and fixed in (see pictures). I am looking to attach a tow hook while also matching the wiring harness to activate the...
  3. Looking for Rear Bumper Passenger Side

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Is anyone interested in selling their stock rear bumper passenger side if they happen to have it left over? My rear bumper got bumped and look pretty bad now so if someone has any other suggestions or ideas of alternative solutions I would love to hear them. I'm located in Arizona.
  4. Rear Bumper

    Canadian Forum
    New to site and probably not using it correctly, but - looking for a rear bumper for sale in Calgary, Alberta - or just the passenger side wing.
  5. Brand New Expedition One Rear Bumper with powdercoat (FJCRB100) $800

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    SOLD For sale: a brand new Expedition One rear bumper with powdercoat (w/o tire carrier/lights) - model number FJCRB100. It's still in the box it arrived in! I bought it a while back with the intention of installing it, but given that I'm in a wheelchair due to a hit and run accident, I now...
  6. Fab Fours rear bumper woes

    General Discussion
    BLUF: Does anyone know how to manually unlock (the key actuates a powered unlocking mechanism and doesn't manually unlock) the rear cargo door? I scrimped and saved and purchased the Fab Fours rear bumper with spare tire swing arm. I installed it earlier today and have encountered a...
  7. Best Swing Out Rear Bumper

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Hey guys - Newb here to the forums. Just got my new FJ and I'm ready for some quality upgrades. I have an ARB front bumper, ARB lift with heavy springs, and Demello round sliders. I'm looking for a rear bumper with the following features: - hi lift points - recovery points - fuel can mounts...