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  1. Engine Performance
    Morning everyone! I'm supposed to be replacing my connecting rod bearings next weekend. When I went to order parts today, I was told there were 4 possible sizes of bearings for my engine and that "I wouldn't know what I needed until it was ripped apart". Only trouble is, parts are 4 days out...
  2. Norcal Region
    Last night on the way home a turned into an intersection and hit someone that jumped the red light. Luckily no one was injured, but the other car took heavy damage. I was able to drive the rest of the way home, but wont be able to get to work with my FJ anymore. I need to get it repaired as...
  3. Newbie Discussions
    Hi, Just bought a '14 Team Trails (last one was a '66 FJ40 - quite an update!) Any ideas on how to protect the crappy vinyl on the back of the rear seats. I have a cargo mat for the floor, but first cardboard box I loaded onto the rear seat backs (folded down) scratched them up... Does...