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rooftop tent

  1. Camping Equipment
    Hello. I can't seem to find online the maximum carrying capacity for the Rhino-Rack RSP25 Two Crossbar System. I want to hook up a roof top tent (Smittybuilt Overlander) to it. I am wondering if anyone else has this crossbar system and knows? Also any feedback / things I should know about the...
  2. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Selling 2 new in box CVT Mt. Bachelor Standard Stargazer Pioneer tents. $1,000 a piece (retail $1,175) located in Tuscaloosa,Al although we do have a buddy heading through Chattanooga on his way to Fairfield,Va this weekend that will be willing to meet on his route. Call or text 205-826-3007
  3. Camping Equipment
    Hi all!