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  1. Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    I’ve been searching for a FJ for a while and finally found a 2007 with decent miles (135k) and overall clean, with good service history. Upon test driving, it rode smooth until I got to around 60 mph then it started to shake then smoothed out closer to 70. The tires seem to have seen their...
  2. Maintenance Tech
    IIRC StopTech actually makes/made the rotors for the FJC TRD BBK (16" TRD RIM). The TRD rotors are PN: PTR09-35082 & PTR09-35083 (right & left respectively). Does anyone know what the StopTech P/Ns are for these rotors? The only thing I have found is 128.44129L & 128.44129R, but this is for...
  3. Toyota FJ Cruiser Parts For Sale (ebay)
    Excellent condition rotors and calipers for 2007-2010 FJ, Tacoma, Forerunner. $150.00 for the set. +S/H PM me for questions or related query.
  4. Maintenance Tech
    80k and time to do the brakes. Not interested in doing a "Big Brake Kit", no need OEM is fine. Unfortunately, OEM pricing... not so fine. I came across the StopTech Street Axle Pack 935.44060. Calipers are fine, just need the wear parts. Kit includes 4ea drilled and slotted rotors w/ pads...
  5. Maintenance Tech
    I need new brake pads and most likely rotors. Last time around I went to one of those nation wide chain brake shops and they turned my rotors and put new pads on. I didn't like the way it felt. My stopping distance was worse and it felt soft but I was so busy that I didn't have time to take it...
  6. Misc. Technical Discussion
    So I thought I was in need of replacing one or more wheel bearing as I have noise on the freeway. But I jacked the front and checked the tires by moving them from the 12 and 6 and I felt no wiggle. Would it be a significant movement if the wheel bearing is going bad? Next I think well maybe its...
1-6 of 6 Results