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  1. Help Finding Camping Spots for RTT

    Camping Equipment
    OK, so how does everyone go about finding places where you can camp in your RTT? On the east coast/mid-atlantic I've had little luck. Most of the camping areas that I've been able to find are in actual campgrounds. Paved RV spots with neighbors close by. And normally closed after Labor Day...
  2. Best 4 Season Softshell now Available in the US?

    Camping Equipment
    Hi all!
  3. Hi guys! Newbie here!

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hello everyone! My name is Ryland and I purchased a 2012 Quicksand 4x4 almost a year ago and have been lurking on this forum for almost everything since then. So I finally decided to make a profile and join the fun! My name is Ryland, I have a German Shepherd named Obie. Last year my dog and I...
  4. Tepui Gear Bags Giveaway - The Overland Shop

    General Discussion
    In honor of the LoneStar Toyota Jamboree last week, we're giving away some awesome Tepui Bags (Tool Bag & Gear Duffle Bag). To enter, click on the Facebook link below: - Like our Facebook Page - Share the TEPUI GEAR BAG post on your timeline, a friends, or in a group & tag us along with Tepui...
  5. WTB: Camping Gear, RTT, Roof Rack Options, Bumpers

    Want to Buy (FJ Related Items)
    Hello all, I am planning a big month long camping trip out west this summer and need to step up and do some mods for my rig. I have specifically been looking for used Rooftop Tents, Roofrack options (already have OEM but open to others as well), bumpers, sliders, and any other camping gear...
  6. question about Overland RTT

    Camping Equipment
    Total Newbie here, Recently purchased the Overland RTT for my Fj, I have the factory roof rack and my question is, will I need to make any changes or adjustments in order for the RTT to mount? Also, is there any benefits to placement in any particular direction/location on the rack? Thanks...
  7. Baja Rack's Flat Utility Roof Rack for RTT (SF Bay Area)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    SALE OF RACK ON HOLD. Hello! I bought a used roof top tent for my Land Cruiser and this Baja Rack was part of the deal and came off of a FJ Cruiser. Since I don't own a FJ Cruiser and I can't adapt it to my rig, it is up for sale to fund the RTT before the wife finds out! My understanding is...
  8. Getting into roof top tenting

    Camping Equipment
    Folks, I have a 2013 black FJ and a wife that agrees it needs a roof top tent. I am looking at bolting up the 51" flat Bajarack along with a James Baroud Evasion Evo tent. From reviews I've read, it seems like a solid way to go. I live in Minnesota, states away from any dealer or distributor...
  9. Tepui Kukenom RTT for sale

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Like new condition except for the faded cover. Used many times over 3 years I owned it. Includes the hardware to mount on an FJ. Local pickup only - live in St. Louis, MO 63146...
  10. Odin Designs RTT review

    Camping Equipment
    Hey guys, I wanted to take some time to review the Odin Designs Type E, 3 Person Tent. Ive wanted a roof top tent for so long now, and finally dedicated to saving up to buy one and holy freaking crap I'm so glad I did. Im going to post text and a video. I plan on redoing the video once the rain...
  11. Could a RTT be attached to one of our Standar Racks?

    Bajarack Adventure Equipment
    In the past few weeks, we have been asked if our Standar FJ Rack Baja Rack Part number BR-TYFJ-LP-0 can be used to mount a roof rack tent (RTT). Here some pictures of a std rack using Yakima or Thule cross bars.