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  1. Newbie Discussions
    Hello all, I’m new to this forum and would like some advice on what I am possibly hearing. I have a 2007 2x4 auto and when lightly accelerating on the gas around 1400-1600 rpm’s the rear will begin to vibrate. It goes away as soon as I let go of the gas. Doesn’t matter if it’s at high speeds or...
  2. Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    My FJ has 143,000 kms on it and lately there is a rumbling/shuddering sound when accelerating between 40-60 kmph. I took it into the dealership to have them investigate and they suspected that the problem was in the exhaust system with the gasket in the exhaust pipe having been worn out and not...
1-2 of 2 Results