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  1. Hello from WA with my SAS FJ

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Excited to say hello on here! I'm over in Washington state and I am very excited to get back out there with my new car!! I also own a lifted equinox (@tiger_nox currently on Instagram) but have now acquired my dream car as well! Looking forward to getting exciting ideas and updating you all on...
  2. Two Solid Axle FJC's in Moab

    Trail Report/Photo Section/GPS Coordinates
    @Jim_D and I recently spent a week in Moab. Here are a few pictures from our trip.
  3. Project SAC'D FJC - "The Rebuild" and then some...

    Member Build Ups
    Finally getting around to starting a new thread. :nerd Some of you may have seen my other build threads, but if not click on the links below and have a ball reading for the next couple of hours... Phase 1 - The original SAS build thread... that covers the initial build up, some additional post...