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  1. Newbie Discussions
    Hello in new to this forum,in from venezuela, my english isnt so good. I wanted to know how much pressure need my tires i have 315/70/16 ko2 My fj cruiser also count with a icon vehicle Dynamics suspension of 3” Also i want to know if somebody has issues with is seats, the support of de arm is...
  2. Misc. Technical Discussion
    Folded my seats down and did not know the middle seat's headrest pops off as well. When I rose the seats back up after a few days... I got headrest smush. Any idea how to get the imprinting out? Heat gun perhaps?
  3. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hi all, I have neck and back problems and the FJ seats are torture for me. I have heard that Recaro makes seats that have side airbags. Can anyone confirm this and has anyone installed them in their FJ?? I really would like to install new seats, but I don't want to lose the side airbag...
1-3 of 3 Results