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  1. Where are the door ajar sensors for suicide doors? (Second row)

    General Discussion
    My 2013 FJ is showing door ajar light when I push from the inside on the passenger side doors while they are closed. Also happens on it's own if I'm turning left at moderate speed. I tried opening the passenger side door, pushed the door ajar switch (the black rubber button that detects if...
  2. I got problems and need help!

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    So extra long story short-ish, I got a check engine code of P0101, P0171, and P0174 and replaced the MAF with an aftermarket spectre one. The check engine light went off for a week and came back. I brought it to the dealership and they said to replace it with an OEM one. Well I first wanted to...
  3. 2014 MAP/AIT Sensor (Engine & TRAC off lights)

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    2014 FJC installed CAi (Airaid) Dry filter 2 months later engine and TRAC OFF light come up on dash. Read up on some forums that it was just the gas cap failing to seal the vacuum. Dealer pulled code "P0112 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input " I cleaned the Air Intake Temp Sensor and...
  4. P0051 - Oxygen Sensors

    Maintenance Tech
    Let me start by saying I'm a computer & network guy by trade, and I'm working on learning what I can to be a more self-sufficient FJ owner. As in - trying to fix what I can, when I can, on my own, without taking Helios up to a dealer for work. That said, I'm getting the dreaded xmas tree...
  5. OEM Manifolds / Cats with gaskets and hardware - Columbus OH

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    These have been SOLD! I have a set of 2007 factory manifolds (headers) and catalytic converters for sale. I purchased them in January last year from forum member FreshChip119 because I had the dreaded Christmas tree lights on the instrument panel, but as it turns out I only need one new O2...
  6. ABS, VSC lights on, no codes on Ultragauge

    Maintenance Tech
    I've seen this issue discussed a lot but I can't find an answer to my specific question which is this - As the check engine light isn't on, and there are no codes shown on my Ultragauge, I'm wondering if there are codes it can't read? From all I'm able to find out, it reads all the codes my FJ...