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shadow warrior

  1. Rig of the Month: August 2010

    General Discussion
    Welcome to the first "Rig of the Month". Please meet Shadow Warrior's The Raptor BEFORE AFTER I decided to stay with everyone else in the naming of their FJ. Like the Scorpion, Paco, Teia, Blue Ox, Trail Bus, Odyssey, etc. I decided to name it the RAPTOR. For Reinforced (Armor)...
  2. Shadow Warrior. Mike Paulson. Member of the Century.

    General Discussion
    This life is hard. Sometimes it just downright hurts. One of our own; one of our friends; one of our heroes; is facing the battle of a lifetime, and due to the fact that all healing on this earth is only temporary, ... we may need to say goodbye to our friend for a time. Mike is a guy that...