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  1. Is there a permanent fix to the TC shudder

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Yes, I know there are a LOT of threads on this issue. However, I was wondering if there is a more permanent fix than just a fluid flush. Or is that the "permanent" fix? I just got an fj and it's still under warranty so I wanted to know if I should have something that costs a lot of $$$ fixed...
  2. Enthusiasm beginning to FADE

    Newbie Discussions
    Hello All :grin, I'm a new member located in New Jersey and joined the Forum to research the FJ to keep my enthusiasm and excitement alive in hopes of purchasing one. I'm most interested in a 2011-2014 TT/SE, A/T, 4WD which will be (or would've been) babied and kept in stock condition...
  3. Transmission Shudder

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Hey Everyone. I just bought an 2007 Tonka Truck Yellow Toyota Fj from a used car dealership it has 148000 miles on it and i am absolutely in love, it runs great only problem is the infamous "shudder' Ive been reading a lot of the threads and I've seen some different things, and i have a few...
  4. '07 Auto FJ - Sluggish acceleration on interstate

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    I'm not sure if I'm having the "shudder" problem so many other 2007 FJ owners from here are having, but I notice my engine getting sluggish when accelerating to get on the interstate, or when I step on the gas to pass someone (going 65 to 65+). You can even see it on the tachometer... It'll be...