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  1. First Impressions of the 6MTs all time 4wd

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    I have had my 6MT for a couple of weeks now. I got it specifically for the all time 4wd feature. My impression initially is that it stuck extremely well on dirt roads and pavement in corners. Yesterday we had a nasty snow and ice storm, and I drove 4 hours through it, which gave me a lot of time...
  2. RWD and snow/ trail driving

    General Discussion
    Hello! Last winter I bought a 2007 RWD FJ thinking it would do just fine in the snow. Boy was I wrong!! Each time it snowed I just left my truck at home because it was so dangerous to drive. I live in Salt Lake City so it snows quite a bit in the winter. I bought the truck with pretty wide tires...
  3. A smily slidey new years on a snowy beach in the FJ

    General Discussion
    Thought I'd share some cool pictures a friend took of us having some snowy new years winter fun in my '13 FJ at Bear Lake, UT over new years weekend. The scenery was pretty unreal. Oh, and don't worry, 35" tires coming in the spring! Hope you enjoy. These pictures are rather large so I hope...
  4. Winch and possibly snow plow

    General Discussion
    Has anyone ever put a winch or snow plow on an FJ? How did it work? Would you recommend it? Anyone ever put a snowplow on an FJ? Same questions.
  5. Call for Comments: Thule Tire Chains

    Wheels and Tires
    Does anyone have experience with THULE XD-16 267 tire chains? What works and what doesn't work about this product? Insight to ease or difficulty of installation would be helpful. Anticipated primary use is snow on pavement; alternate use is snow on secondary roads. Thanks in advance. Thule...
  6. Winterization

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I just purchased an FJ and I'm looking to prepare for winter. Ill mostly be traveling to and from Mt Hood but looking at going to Jackson Hole and Whistler as well. Anyone have any recommendations on mods for the snowy season (aside from shovel, jumpers, etc)? I'm already planning on...