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  1. Southern Ca. Cleghorn/ Silver Lake session 4/28/19

    Planned Expeditions
    Me and a couple FJ guys are running up to Cleghorn on Sunday 4/28/2019 if any others are wanting to join! We looking to meet up at the dirt lot at 7 am. and hit the trail by 8 am. (Cleghorn is easy-medium trail running OHV in Southern Ca).:bandit:
  2. Bodyshop in SoCal. looking for recommendations.

    Socal Region
    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations of the bodyshops in SoCal, familiar with FJ. Recently relocated from Orlando FL, where I've had a bad experience at the local bodyshop. Now I should find someone to fix the roof which is leaking after that absolutely unprofessional roof rack...
  3. $14,300 2008 6MT 145k mi Atrac Elocker

    Vehicles For Sale
    I have a 6MT with 145k miles. It has Atrac, Rear Elocker, TRD Exhaust. I've added Bilstein 5100 struts/shocks, light racing upper control arms, and ARB Old man emu medium springs (rear only) in the last 5,000 miles. I have also replaced the front and read diff's, transmission, transfer case, and...
  4. August 22, 2014: John Bull, Big Bear, California

    Trail Runs/Get-Togethers
    August 22, 2015: John Bull, Big Bear, California This is not an organized group trail run. On 8/22/2015, I will be running the trails in my FJ Cruiser with another friend driving his FJ80. You are welcome to join us if you are an experienced off-road trail driver. 4x4 will be needed. Rear...
  5. SoCal Local - Stock '08 wheels (5) - ProComp 3" Lift-Kit (like new)

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    I recently had to sell my FJ, and have some parts that were left behind. The wheels are in good condition, with little to no blemishes, mainly just dirty. Pro-Comp lift was only installed for about 2 days, when what caused me to have to sell my FJ happened. I had the kit removed, two of the...
  6. SoCal FJ's on Miller Jeep trail, 4 hr rescue of jeeps included....enjoy

    Picture/Media Post
    Finally edited the video from the Miller jeep trail run awhile back ..... enjoy. Tried to make it entertaining..... next time I will have my new Drone......should make for some killer pics/vids.... I included the video of us flopping over the jeep.....Took like 4 hours to drag the dead jeep...