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  1. Maintenance Tech
    Hello, all. I recently had the auto transmission rebuilt in my 07 FJ. Since then I have noticed a whining sound that becomes more audible as the RPMs climb (didn't notice sound before). Could this be a symptom of something from the rebuild? Or am I now just hyper sensitive to sounds and it is...
  2. Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    I have a 2008 trail team and I typically use the iPod connector to play my music, but out of nowhere my music stopped playing. It'll play on my phone but there's no sound in the car. I know it's not the speakers because the radio plays music fine.:frown
  3. OEM Audio Plus
    Closed Thank you to all participants! Be sure to share your feedback with the FJC community. See the full Reference 400CF Product Showcase
  4. OEM Audio Plus
    Group Buy Closed, but Discount for FJCruiserForum Members is Year-Round :D The complete Reference 400CF sound solution for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. OEM Audio Plus hosted a Early Adopter Group Buy for the fjcruiserforums community in August 2014. You might have missed it, but we still want to...