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  1. Newbie Discussions
    Before I start here are the specs of my fj 4X4 has rear diff lock completely stock aside from Toyota OEM TRD rims 197k miles very well maintained Yesterday after leaving the mtb trail, I heard a very noticeable ticking noise. At one point it became to aggressive I had to pull over see if...
  2. Maintenance Tech
    Hello, all. I recently had the auto transmission rebuilt in my 07 FJ. Since then I have noticed a whining sound that becomes more audible as the RPMs climb (didn't notice sound before). Could this be a symptom of something from the rebuild? Or am I now just hyper sensitive to sounds and it is...
  3. Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    I have a 2008 trail team and I typically use the iPod connector to play my music, but out of nowhere my music stopped playing. It'll play on my phone but there's no sound in the car. I know it's not the speakers because the radio plays music fine.:frown
1-3 of 5 Results