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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    Good afternoon! i have a 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser with about 120k miles on it. The other day when I was pulling into the parking lot, the engine stalled out (while still driving). After that, I started it up, no problems. Today when I started her up she would turn over them almost immediately...
  2. Maintenance Tech
    Hey guys, just finished changing spark plugs on my 2010, got a couple of questions. On the top of this plate (oil baffle plate?), in front of the spark plug closest to the driver's side firewall, there is that threaded hole on top with a nut on the backside. Is something supposed to bolt into...
  3. Maintenance Tech
    Hello all - I had an account on here a few years ago but was deployed for some time and I believe the forum deleted my account :frown. Okay now to the problem... BLUF: My FJ has a very rough idle, either in park or drive, but when stopped. Backstory: I replaced my plugs with Denso Iridium's...
1-3 of 3 Results