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starting issues

  1. 2008 FJ Cruiser won't crank. Starter?

    Maintenance Tech
    My 2008 FJ Cruiser won't start. It doesn't even try to turn over. I tried jumping it, that didn't work. The battery was just replaced along with the alternator about two months ago. It doesn't make any weird sounds or clicking when I turn the key. My initial thought was a bad starter. My friend...
  2. Quick Fix: FJ wouldn't turn over and horn was beeping constantly

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    So I disconnected the battery positive for 3 months to leave the truck in storage. When I reconnected it, the horn went off constantly, and she wouldn't turn over. The battery voltage was well within the acceptable range. A mechanic suggested: 1. Removing the key 2. Reconnecting the battery...
  3. Dieseling On cold start up

    Problems / Dealer Service
    My 2007 fj cruiser has a problem. I started it up today and it made a dieseling sound and acted like it didn't want to start which it has never done. It has 184000 miles and I drive it an average of 101 miles a day. Oil looks ok. Filter ok. Has never had anything done like a tune up, or timing...
  4. Weird Starting problem. Can anyone help me solve this?

    Problems / Dealer Service
    So I have a bizzare experience happening. Walked to my 2008 Fj, unlocked it with key fob. Put the key in the ignition, let the battery kick in (lights, music, etc.) as soon as I turned the key to crank it. I hear one click then all power shuts off. Lights turn off with music along with...
  5. Car Start Up Problems

    Engine Performance
    Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums a lot but this is my first official post and I need a little help with something I'm having trouble with. I apologize for the lengthy post in advance and I'll also preface that I'm a huge newbie to all of this. To start off, my 2014 FJ has been...