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steel bumper

  1. Resz Fab stinger front bumper in Denver, CO - $1,000.

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    It's been coated with white rustproof primer and then coated with a light grey primer. The bottom half is painted black to blend in with the splash guard. The only damage are paint scratches on the passenger side from the air wrench when installing it. New this steel bumper is $1,278.66 with a...
  2. 2008 FJ heavily Modded $24500

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    2008 FJ heavily Modded $23000 OBO, CO Springs, CO Here are the Mods OME 3" inch suspension lift Demello steel bumper with warn 8000 integrated winch synthetic rope + 2 fog lights in bumper 2 lights ON bumper 4 lights on roof plus the 2 factory headlights = 10 total lights !! Roof Rack Budbuilt...