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steering wheel

  1. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hey everyone, so I ordered a wheel wrap from Amazon which has to be hand sown on, and it came it great! I really like it especially because it matches the dash. Took me around 45 minutes to do the entire wheel, but taking your time is key.
  2. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Odd question but has anyone upgraded their steering wheel? I know some one has to have done it. Every time I drive more that 30 minutes I notice how worn my steering wheel is and I also don’t like the overall wimpy-ness of the FJ steering wheel. It feels light and not very truck like. I do love...
  3. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I assume a significant number of people here have faded plastic on their steering wheels like I did. I wanted to share what mine looks like after using some vinyl/fabric paint (coating?). I removed the airbag, and got some steel wool to rough up the surface, and then cleaned the surfaces really...
  4. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I bought an airbag cover for my FJ cruiser because mine was damaged although the airbag was not deployed, just the cover cosmetically was damaged. I am a pretty competent mechanic. I easily was able to remove the airbag assembly from the steering wheel. My problem is the cover is held in place...
  5. Suspension / Steering Tech
    I've got a 2012 4WD with 57k miles on it. I took it to Pep Boys to get the bald stock tires replaced in September. The new tires were a Cooper all-terrain set. The minute I got up to 60+ mph after replacing the stock tires, my steering wheel shook like crazy, as many of you have experienced...
  6. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I have an 08 Trail Team FJ and the cruise paddle snapped off. I have the new module )($117.00 part at the dealer) and I don't know how to get to it. Did a pretty extensive search on the web and couldn't find anything. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Karl