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  1. Best FJ Rear Organizer?

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hi all, I have a 2007 FJ and over time my trunk has become a disorganized collection of camping stuffs - I'm looking to find a good organizer for the back to keep everything in order. Recommendations?
  2. Quick Fix: FJ wouldn't turn over and horn was beeping constantly

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    So I disconnected the battery positive for 3 months to leave the truck in storage. When I reconnected it, the horn went off constantly, and she wouldn't turn over. The battery voltage was well within the acceptable range. A mechanic suggested: 1. Removing the key 2. Reconnecting the battery...
  3. TUFFY FJ Security Cargo Drawer $500

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    I bought the TUFFY FJ Security Cargo Drawer last year, installed it, overlanded, used it for about 3 months and then uninstalled it when I got back home and have stored it in my shed since then. I just don’t see myself using it again, because I prefer to sleep inside the vehicle when...
  4. *SOLD * Zarges: boxes for roof and road

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    *All Sold * thanks I picked up a few extra pair of these a while back. Wanted to see if anyone is interested, they have a seal and are lockable so they make pretty amazing cargo. These are pretty much ultimate in every way except maybe a purpose engineered lock down system. Looking at that...
  5. Interior fishing rod storage solved

    Camping Equipment
    After searching the internet and asking at every tackle shop in Maryland I decided the only way to do what I wanted was good old American DIY. Created a bracket for mounting on the existing rear hook and made rod separators to keep both halves secure. Took about an hour total and though it could...
  6. Visor shelf

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I've seen these Visor shelfs in FJ's but Summit Racing, etc says they are not compatible. Any guess where I can get one that fits? Also any hints on additional storage pockets (like placing one above the glove box on that flat spot-or does the air bag come out of there?!)> The console...
  7. Driver side dash storage

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Does anyone know if someone makes a larger storage compartment for the indash driver side?
  8. Gladiator Rack Storage Mod

    Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hey there, I’m a long time FJ admirer, new owner of a Silver 07’ MT. I just moved to Detroit from NorCal for my new job at the GM Design Sudios. I’m Just settling in here in “the D”, but I wanted to address the storage situation in the FJ. Throwing stuff in the back seat is inefficient and...
  9. DRIFTA 4WD DRAWER SYSTEM- Available and shipping units to USA!

    Camping Equipment
    Hi All! I recently spoke with Mark Beech, production manager at Drifta Camping and 4WD (out of Australia), about the possibility sending one of their drawer units for the FJ Cruiser stateside, as I really like the low profile and the quality. Turns out that they'll be shipping 4-6 units over...