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  1. Buyers Guides & Product Comparisons
    Hey y’all looking for suggestions on rear springs to pair up with a set of Fox 2.0 shocks. Looking for: 2-3 in of lift Decent performance on road Good off-road performance, mostly driving on rutted gravel trails, (think cobblestone) Pretty much it, any help or advice welcome!
  2. Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Hey Forum! I am wondering if any of you have aftermarket clutches installed. What are they? Why did you go with them? A little background: I am the verge of installing a Supercharger (due on my porch in a bout a week). I am also in the process of changing my clutch right now. Searching blue...
  3. Introductions & New Arrivals
    Hi everybody, First off let me introduce myself, my names Raed, I am a third year mechanical engineering student at Michigan State University and would consider myself quite mechanically inclined as I've worked on many many cars and have a couple different certifications to work on them. I...
  4. General Discussion
    So I looked around for a while on the forum looking for some cool stuff to do with my FJ that makes life better (It's pretty great as is). So, I just got a 2008 FJ Cruiser with trail team package, all white. I talked to my friend and he said to get geated wiper blades, which he showed me and...
  5. Newbie Discussions
    Hey guys, I got my Fj a little over a month now and put the basic accessories. Such as squadron lights at bottom of windshield, and Hella 500 black magic in the brush guard. I plan on putting a lot of money over time into the exterior of my vehicle. I will definitely get rid of my stock rims and...
1-5 of 5 Results