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  1. Summit 4Wheeler Article

    2018 FJCruiser Summit
    Cruisers of FJ Summit! Looks like @Firemedic831 (front row seat), @debFJVT, @Thorn661 and many others have their FJ's pictures taken. Deb, I commend you on your parking job. The many employees of Iconic_ Fab are proud. :blueblob: ---->Cruisers of FJ Summit 2018<---- Enjoy
  2. Carpet and spare tire cover near FJ Summit!

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Full carpet set near FJ Summit! Located in Durango and can meet in Silverton/Ouray. Black factory spare tire cover and silver disk. SOLD! Full carpet set (4 fronts and cargo area) for a 2012-2014 FJ, black in color, like new condition. Brand new this lists for $175 on PureFJ, asking $100...
  3. 2015 FJ Summit Free shirts for BajaRack customers

    Bajarack Adventure Equipment
    Hello guys, the FJ Summit is around the corner and we will be bringing shirts to the event for our customers, please add your name to this thread or Private Message with your first / last name, shirt size and type of rack you own. Looking forward to see you at the Summit.:clap:
  4. Very interested in exploring my FJ's capabilities on snow & trails

    Hi All: I joined this forum last year, after i bought my FJ2014. Didn't get involved actively on the events & summit. I appreciated everyone guidance on my other threads for discussing the tire size options for my FJ. Finally after a long wait, i got KO2s on my FJ. I got them one size bigger...
  5. FJ Cruiser summits around the world - US 2014

    Bajarack Adventure Equipment
    Let's remember this year FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray, Colorado... Enjoy!
  6. Poughkeepsie Gulch - Saturday 9:20 (Discount Tire)

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    So, the theme for this one is obviously different. This is the most technically challenging trail at the Summit and that was the focus of most of these photos. Our journey jumps right to the most difficult obstacle, and it may not actually be part of Poughkeepsie. Not sure! It was what...
  7. Imogene Friday @ 9:20 Trail Run Photos

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    Our second trail run of the Summit was Imogene; lots of fun despite the low challenge rating. Great trail leading by Harry got us all through without a single mishap. We did miss "the shot" positioning at the top, but our PHOTO convoy ended up being backed up by an incredibly slow group in...
  8. Official Thursday Black Bear Photo Thread

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    It took me a while to prep these, but here they are! From the Thursday 9:20 Photo run. If you were part of this run and want some larger pics, feel free to drop me a PM. :bigthumb: Looking back while heading up the first trail run of our Summit experience. One of the several falls on the...
  9. Summit GIFs

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    I was putting together a collection of pictures and video from the 2014 Summit and stumbled across a couple of series where my brother went a bit crazy with the shutter on two obstacles; Imogene Creek, and Poughkeepsie Wall. I think they turned into something fun to try as .gifs. Let me know...
  10. For those coming back home Sunday through Las Vegas to California.

    2014 FJCruiser Summit
    If you've done this before, you know trafic is awful at primm/jean. Like, over an hour of it. To avoid Jean/Primm traffic, exit 1 Goodsprings Rd, go east under fwy, take south Las Vegas BLVD. There is a road that goes alongside the freeway, dirt. The goodsprings exit is slightly before the...
  11. FJ Summit 2013 Pictures and Video

    Here's a link to my gallery of FJ's on the trails at the FJ Summit - 2013 in Ouray, Colorado. The Summit was awesome, so many great people and great rigs. Bradbury Photography - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - : FJ Summit - 2013
  12. Not new, but first post and thread - Intro

    We've had our 2007 Sun-fusion FJ since May 2006. We couldn't imagine our life without the FJ and what our life would be if we didn't get it... how a purchase of a new vehicle can change your life! It's been an amazing adventure the past 6 years and we never know where the next adventure takes...