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    Hello from the land of enchantment (New Mexico). little about myself: I’ve owned a semi stock 08 Trail Teams (Fox 2.0 Lift) since 2012. Recently purchased my dream FJ 08 Trail Teams (icon stage 7, supercharged, Demello dream machine) which added fuel to my FJ Flame! Wanted to introduce myself...
  2. 2008 Toyota FJ trail teams

    2008 Toyota FJ trail teams

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    2007 Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 Supercharged Toyota FJ Cruiser $19,500 OBO 127,763 miles • TRD Supercharger • 6-speed manual transmission • Air Lift air leveling system w/onboard air compressor • Air Lift pressure gauge & control mounted on dash and rear door • ARB awning passenger...
  4. Vehicles For Sale My second FJ, the one I really wanted to begin with. Truly awesome mix of on road enjoyability and off road capability, not that the later is much more than theoretical for me. I've only taken it down country...