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tail lights

  1. Can Anyone ID this rear bumper and the needed components?

    4x4 / Off-Road Tech
    Posted a couple of newbie FJ posts already. Bought the truck with some mods already done. One of them is this rear bumper but I cannot ID the brand. Tail lights are square and fixed in (see pictures). I am looking to attach a tow hook while also matching the wiring harness to activate the...
  2. All lights work expect tail lights

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    A neighbor told me that my tail lights aren't coming on at night. My break lights,signals,reverse, and dash ALL WORK. Any thoughts? It's a 2011 Thanks!
  3. Stock tail-lights off of 2010 FJ Cruiser. In very good condition

    Toyota FJ Cruiser Parts For Sale (ebay)
    The tail lights are in very good condition. No scratches. $200 for the pair. Might come down on price. Text me personally for pics 66two-523-00one4:smile