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traction control

  1. Traction Control and Check Engine lights came on when i replaced my exhaust.

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I recently replaced my stock exhaust with a bolt on Rebel Series Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust from aFe. Ever since I replaced it, my check engine and traction control lights came on. I found out the check engine light is on because of the emissions. I figured it might be the O2 sensors...
  2. Traction Control Button Install

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    I have a 2008 FJ with the rear diff locker and A-Trac already installed from the factory. Does anyone know it this will also work for the traction control button (the button with the car and squiggly lines under it)? I see that it is also pre-wired for a button to be install from the factory. Do...
  3. VSC TRAC , VSC OFF and traction light on in 4WD ?

    Newbie Discussions
    Newbie Here. When i put my manual transmission FJ into four high, all three of these lights come on ( VSC OFF, VSC TRAC , traction control ) until i turn the ignition switch off and back on. going back to 2WD doesn't turn them off. is this normal? also it has a brand new transmission. so I'm...
  4. ABS and Traction Control Lights

    Stereo / Electronics / Electrical
    Wanted to thank this forum and all the great info that can be found on it. I recently upgraded my front suspension from Toytec Boss (which broke on me during a desert outing) to ICON 2.5/reservoir/CDC valve coilovers. Having researched on this forum extensively on how to perform this upgrade...
  5. dash light help?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    I have always had toyotas, but never anything past 1999. when i bought my FJ, I was very disappointed by the traction control, so i unplugged the wiring harness in front of the brake reservoir as many people have suggested. When I plugged it back in, the ABS light, slip light, and VSC lights...
  6. K&N Air intake causing codes / limp mode

    Engine Performance
    Hi Guys, So I have to take my 2014 FJ Cruiser to the Doctor this morning. I was hoping that you guys may have some experience with the problem I am having and have some suggestions or just want to discuss it. I am curious if I should have any expectations while at the dealer this morning. So...
  7. FJ Slid on highway, is my Skid/Trac Control working?

    Maintenance Tech
    Hi everyone, haven't posted here that much but I need help on my FJ I am scared to drive it in this weather again... I live in new york and yesterday night coming back from work I was doing 60 on the interstate and i guess i drove over some ice patch on the bridge my FJ slid to the right out of...
  8. Next up: vsc mod

    I just un-plugged the vsc wires from under the hood and took a little drive around the block. Scared ****-less would be an understatement. Didn't get 1/4 of the way through the throttle and the tires were well broken loose. Hoping to splice the wire to a switch inside the cab in the near future...
  9. More videos and photos uploaded

    My channel on YouTube is picking up some momentum finally. Check it out. I put the traction control disable on the truck too, finally. Works great!