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  1. Ruger Trailers, Camping Trailers

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    Looking at getting a trailer for off road camping. Originally, was looking for a military trailer to modify for a roof top tent and some kind of cover for locking storage. After looking at a few I realized I could do very little of the work needed, re-wire lights, repair axles and hubs and weld...
  2. For Sale - 2010 Adventure Trailer (Horizon)

    Non FJ classifieds
    SALE PENDING - 2010 Adventure Trailer (Horizon) ## SALE PENDING ## Located in Southern California (Orange County), my 2010 A/T Horizon with clear title in hand. This trailer is in excellent condition, I am the second owner and have enjoyed this trailer very much over the years. The trailer is...
  3. M105 Military Trailer for Sale: Ugly as Sin, Tough as Nails

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    It took me forever to find this M105A2 military trailer, but I fell ill within a few weeks of buying it in 2014. I had hoped to pull it behind my FJ for camping trips, and to make it part of my bugout package, because that's what it's meant for. Now I'm looking to sell it along with the trailer...
  4. Towing a loaded Xventure XV-2 on stock Trail Teams suspension?

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    Hello all, I have a 2014 FJ TTUE, and upon purchase had the dealer install the genuine Toyota tow hitch kit with 4-pin wiring harness kit. I'm considering purchase of an Xventure XV-2 off-road trailer but am wondering whether the stock Trail Teams suspension is up to the task or not: The FJ...
  5. M105 Trailer

    Newbie Discussions
    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for whatever help I can get on here. I have a 2010 TT and I was looking at a really nice M105 utility trailer on craigslist. I just have two questions. 1. Is there an electronic conversion that I can do for the trailer/fj? 2. I looked...
  6. Moby1 XTR offroad teardrop for sale

    Vehicles For Sale
    Selling my lightly used 2013 Moby1 XTR off road trailer delivered in May 2014. This is a custom off road trailer made in Utah. The trailer is in perfect condition and has been stored under cover. It has the following options: 60" cabin width 8" queen size mattress DC Power #2 AC land power 60W...
  7. For Sale: 2013 Jayco Baja 10G Off-road Camping Trailer w/ Front Deck

    Non FJ classifieds
    SOLD!!! This trailer has been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  8. Trailer and Wiring Questions

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    OK guys. Been racking my brain here on the simple idea of converting the 4 PIN to a 7 PIN connector. Read the forums which pointed me to the adapter so I could plug in the factory 4 PIN and that was awesome. Ran 10 AWG wire from the front to the rear for the 12VDC. Ran 10AWG to the inside for...
  9. Camper in Tow - Need Brake Recommendations

    Trailers and Towing Tech
    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I live in a camper and move often so I can travel the country. What I want to know is should I upgrade to drilled and/or slotted rotors. I am on the west coast and do lots of driving up and down mountains. I can feel the vibration now when I hit the brakes so...
  10. Adventure Trailer Horizon &/or FJ Cruiser for SALE

    :mecry:Adventure Trailer - Horizon 2007 Model for Sale Excellent condition with nose box, two fuel cans, 19-gal water tank w pump, 2 burner stainless steel stove, propane tank, 12-volt aux system, deep cycle battery w/ charger, roof top (king size) tent, several multi axis couplers, rear...