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  1. Blue FJ under a Bluer Sky.

    Blue FJ under a Bluer Sky.

    After 170k I feel like it's just broken in. After the suspension upgrade and lift, I've become more excited about going offloading more often. It's an excuse to get out of the house when I'm not working. We all need a release. I love digging into mud or snow in 4L, making pits a little wider and...
  2. Eastern Shore MD meet up/run

    Trail Runs/Get-Togethers
    Hello to all the Eastern Shore MD Fj owners, I don't know if there's any good trails or parks around here. As I'm new to offloading my truck. If there's any good trails near Maryland, or the surrounding states, could you please suggest some? I really would love to get together with a lot more...
  3. Very interested in exploring my FJ's capabilities on snow & trails

    Hi All: I joined this forum last year, after i bought my FJ2014. Didn't get involved actively on the events & summit. I appreciated everyone guidance on my other threads for discussing the tire size options for my FJ. Finally after a long wait, i got KO2s on my FJ. I got them one size bigger...
  4. More videos and photos uploaded

    My channel on YouTube is picking up some momentum finally. Check it out. I put the traction control disable on the truck too, finally. Works great!