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  1. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Wondering how to remove this trim piece. Is it just held in with adhesive, if so what would you put it back on with. Thanks guys.
  2. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    The more I work on my FJ, the more kinds of specialty trim fasteners I discover. During more than one of my own projects, I've had to hunt back to find someone else's unrelated modification thread that mentioned a specific fastener, to find and/or confirm a part number. No more! Here, I'll...
  3. Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Hello, All. Traded in my FJ so I have no need for the FJ parts I have laying around. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Some of these bigger parts may not be worth it, but I can ship if you want. Located in Dayton, OH 45419. OEM Flares$200 [/URL][/IMG] Misc. Bits Driver side rear door panel...
  4. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Ok team, here is a fun one. Jus goot a 2011 full army green NSSE about two weeks ago. Aftermarket baja rack has been installed, looks like there was a factory rack installed at some point even though the NSSE supposedly didn't come with a rack. It appears as though I'm missing four plastic...
  5. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    Hi All, I have 2008 FJ and the black is starting to show signs of age. Is there any product out there the puts new permenant refresh coat on all the plastic. I hate using Amorall because it tends to get all over clothes. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Interior / Exterior Visual Tech
    I've searched the forum and cannot find any thing specific. Anyone know what part I would get to replace the plastic rear door latch cover. Someone backed into it in a parking lot and shattered it. ... its a small plastic panel that cover the rear handle. How do you take the plastic out of...
  7. Blog
    Hello everyone, I was driving on the highway in Eastern Pennsylvania and my windshield upper trim/molding just flew right off :mecry: (I was going about 85 mph). Does anyone know what this is actually called and would it be easy to replace and install? I’m not sure if it just snaps on or...
1-7 of 7 Results