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  1. Western Sahara and my FJ Cruise Journey

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with my Cruiser. I fully recommend this experience for anybody that loves been on the road. It’s a little expensive but completely worthwhile. I’m excited to share my experiences and share with this wonderful community. Travelling...
  2. Moab June 25th through 28th!

    Planned Expeditions
    Hi All, I'm driving to Moab and will be arriving in the mid-afternoon on Monday, June 25th. My father will be riding with me. I have family in Moab and have been going there annually for about twenty-years. I love the area, but it would be nice to have another FJ on the trails with us. Mine is...
  3. Looking for or Gonna Start My Own Offroad Club

    Trail Runs/Get-Togethers
    Hey everybody dreading Monday I'm looking for an Offroad club outside Chicago that is ACTIVE. Found plenty that don't really stay active only 1 or two trips a year. If nobody knows of any that are going on local trips every month and a long haul every year I would greatly appreciate a message...