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  1. About to jump on this 2010 FJ TTSE, convince me.

    Dealer Negotiations/Test Driving
    Hey all, For the past few weeks I've had the FJ itch. I've been doing countless hours of research about the different models, and issues that come with FJ's. I been looking at 2010+ models, and really wanted a Trail Teams model but budgeted myself $20,000 or less. Last night, while browsing...
  2. Trail Teams / TRD gear - MOLLE bags & multi tool

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Cleaning out some closets and would prefer these items to stay within the FJ community. All items are new and unused. Paypal preferred. PM me your Paypal email and the item(s) you want and I will send you an invoice. Ships free to the lower 48 US only please. Post will be updated as items...
  3. The Complete FJ Cruiser Special Edition Guide

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone! So a few years back I had my own 2007 TRD Special Edition FJ Cruiser and knowing it was a unique vehicle I wanted to do research so I would know everything I could about this rare vehicle. My search led me all over the forums, internet, and yes, even to Wikipedia, just so I could...
  4. FS: Garage clutter from 2011 TTSE after recent mods

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    I have recently upgraded a few parts for my 2011 Trail Teams and have these items for sale. My FJ had 32K miles on it when these parts were removed. A few parts listed at the end are new and have not been used. PM me which items your interested in and we will arrange a pickup date in Tucson...
  5. 6-30-14 left over parts 2011 pkg3

    Want to Sell (FJ Related Items)
    Hi y'all, I have some leftover parts that I wont be needing anymore, but they might be useful for others, damage/collision repairs. You can message me by IM, or email at [email protected] All parts are clean and from a 2011 Army green incomplete trail teams model 2) front...
  6. The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of 2012 Trail Teams (Radiant Red)

    Picture/Media Post
    Just following the footsteps of other model year/color threads... I recieved my 2012 6MT Trail Teams in March 2012. It was snowing pretty hard when I sold my sports coupe and picked up the FJ. Looking forward to seeing everyones ride (stock or not), modifications completed, and trail rides...
  7. The Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the 2010 Trail Teams Thread

    Picture/Media Post
    There are plenty of the 2010 TT fj's showing up on the forum. Lets keep count. Post up when you got your TT. I purchased mine on December 4th. Hey, I just noticed-I've had it one month today! Alien