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  1. Fj cruiser losing power and vibration

    Engine Performance
    So guys I will start by telling my whole story so that you can be updated with me and help me figure out what is the problem, First of all my car is Fj 2015 with 127,xxx Km , my whole problem started when i went to the desert and drove recklessly when done with that the car began to vibrate and...
  2. A-TRAC - causing me grief!

    Introductions & New Arrivals
    Just bought my FJ Cruiser to continue with my passion; beach driving, camping and fishing. I have had Suzuki Jimny's until now, usually having to rebuild them to some degree before getting them on the road (my first one was badged as a Holden Drover - 1986, :laugh). I am loving my FJ, but she...
  3. Weird humming vibration and metal clank

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey everyone. So I'm 3 weeks into my 2010 4x4 with 93k. I decided that monday I should grease my zerks as I've seen plenty of people commenting on this helping with the thud and being necessary maintenance. I greased all 6, and the next day while driving I heard this loud pop followed by a...