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  1. 4 Lights on after jump start

    Engine Performance
    2007 FJ Cruiser Brake light, ABS, VSC OFF, VSC TRAC, and traction control light came on. Check engine light is not on. I replaced the ABS fuses and the problem persists. I cannot stop, like the brakes do not work at all, which seems odd for just abs/traction control. Why would a dead...
  2. VSC wont turn off

    Problems / Dealer Service
    08 FJ, i have tried this in sand and snow... VSC never seems to fully turn off. I have unplugged the brake booster connector and the dash lights up like a Christmas tree. For the first 5 minutes the rear end will slide around but then it seems like vsc comes back on. It starts to cut power when...
  3. Brake Master Cylinder Failure

    Transmissions / Transfer Cases / Traction Aids
    Hello guys, I have a 2009 FJ Cruiser and a few months ago, a little sound started to hear on what I know its called the Master Brake Cylinder, (please check Video 1) but no dashboard lights, no failure at all!! , good brakes, ABS still working, a-trac working, rear locking, everything workings...
  4. Engine, traction , Vsc off, Vsc trc indicators are on

    Engine Performance
    Hello guys, This is Moataz and i am a new member here, I am seeking your experience and help, I bought an FJ 08 automatic gear , and it has alot of warning lights on, i am confused , i have connected the OBD II, and it shows a code P0328, Photo if dashboard as below, has anyone experienced...
  5. ABS, VSC lights on, no codes on Ultragauge

    Maintenance Tech
    I've seen this issue discussed a lot but I can't find an answer to my specific question which is this - As the check engine light isn't on, and there are no codes shown on my Ultragauge, I'm wondering if there are codes it can't read? From all I'm able to find out, it reads all the codes my FJ...
  6. Warning lights: /Check Engine/A-Trac/VSC-Off/VSC-Trac

    Maintenance Tech
    Hello All. First post here. The other day my wife started our 2007 FJ 4x4 and all 4 of these lights came on simultaneously. Never happened before. Is this a normal maintenance issue or something more nefarious? Thanks for your advice! I should add: The lights stay on all the time now...
  7. Wheel bearing/Speed sensor replacement VSC ABS lights and codes now notclearing

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Hi... New to the group here. A few days ago, we changed out a left front wheel bearing on my 2007 6 speed FJ. While I had it on the rack, I stuck some new shocks/struts on, as it had 110,000 miles on it. During reassembly, we cracked the speed sensor switch, and all the lights on the dash listed...
  8. Next up: vsc mod

    I just un-plugged the vsc wires from under the hood and took a little drive around the block. Scared ****-less would be an understatement. Didn't get 1/4 of the way through the throttle and the tires were well broken loose. Hoping to splice the wire to a switch inside the cab in the near future...