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  1. Maintenance Tech
    Took ZZWHITEOP out for a run this morning,she ran fine to then these popped up,I'm not noticing any thing different about the way it runs,however these came on not to long after going into 4H I live in TN and we just got some snow and wanted to get out for some pics,anyone know what it might be...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    Hey y'all, I am a proud new owner of a 2007 (177K miles) Toyota FJ Cruiser. I am very excited to have one as I have always wanted one. When I purchased, the following lights were on (see picture). My father-in-law had a Sequoia with the same lights. He ran some fuel inject cleaner through the...
  3. Maintenance Tech
    Hello All. First post here. The other day my wife started our 2007 FJ 4x4 and all 4 of these lights came on simultaneously. Never happened before. Is this a normal maintenance issue or something more nefarious? Thanks for your advice! I should add: The lights stay on all the time now...
1-3 of 3 Results