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wheel bearing

  1. Anyone with early front wheel bearing problems?

    Maintenance Tech
    UPDATED -- Anyone with early front wheel bearing problems? UPDATE 10/01/19: Yep, it was the wheel bearings. I still never heard any noise, but it was skiddy/squirrely on sweeping left turns and on gravel camping roads, and after the change I realized it had been vibrating a lot on the...
  2. Front Wheel Bearing Question

    Suspension / Steering Tech
    I had steering wheel shimmy and a low humming/ howling noise so I figured it was time to replace the front wheel bearings. After replacing them and the front brake calipers I took it in for an alignment. They said my alignment was pretty far off but they got it back into specs, no surprise. The...
  3. Wheel Bearing or Warped Rotor

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    So I thought I was in need of replacing one or more wheel bearing as I have noise on the freeway. But I jacked the front and checked the tires by moving them from the 12 and 6 and I felt no wiggle. Would it be a significant movement if the wheel bearing is going bad? Next I think well maybe its...