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  1. Ham antennas w/ Bandi Mount?

    CB / HAM / Communications
    Hey guys, Im working on putting together a good VHF/UHF rig for my FJ (Im almost done studying for my Tech exam) Ive found the radio I want, a Yaesu FTM-100DR and I need some recommendations on a good antenna that will work with the All Pro Bandi Mount. Im coming from my CB setup and Id like to...
  2. 2008 Radios and Lights

    Member Build Ups
    I bought this 2008 FJ Cruiser in May of 2014. I am a licensed ham radio operator, volunteer for the Baker to Vegas race, and San Diego animal rescue team. My career is in public safety. I wanted a 4X4 that could be a daily driver, carry me, and on occasion my teenage boys, camping and off...