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I'm going to miss her, but the 350Z is up for sale. 2004 350Z Enthusiast Coupe, 6speed manual, climate control/AC, HID headlights, 17" wheels, Limited-slip differential (LSD), Nismo shocks and sway bars, JWT flywheel (dealer installed), Nismo spoiler, seatback organizer, custom Valentine 1 radar detector remote display in A-pillar, wiring for V1 in ceiling behind the passenger (gives it the best range, cannot be seen easily from outside the vehicle, detector available but not included in price). All OEM parts available upon request.

Custom stereo, stealth install:
Sony WX 7700MDX CD and MiniDisc player: JDM unit, display can be changed to any color, · 7 bands Equalizer, HX DSP, Front/Rear preout, AUX Input, CD-R/RW compatible, high power 52Wx4ch amplifier built-in, Remote control, receives all Us radio stations (no adapter)
Boston Acoustic 6.53 3-way fseparates 6.5" woofer, 4" mid, 1" tweeter, biamp-ed crossover, drive with a 4 channel Rockford Fosgate Power 4-channel amplifier (125x4W)
Boston Acoustic Pro 10.5 subwoofer, in a custom 0.5 cu ft fiberglass enclosure, under the trunk next to the tire. Sub is currently not working, needs a new speaker. Driven by a Rockford Fosgate Power 500W Class-D mono amp (amp works fine, jsut needs a speaker)
0-gauge wiring from the battery run through the factory harnesses to the custom amp rack; this is a clean install!
Dynamat; everywhere. This system does not rattle!
Factory Bose subwoofer covers amplifiers and crossovers, none of the speakers are visible. Except for the head unit, this setup looks stock, and the Sony looks more OEM than the stock unit did.

Front tires are almost new, going to need rear tires soon. A few imperfections, but overall, this car is in really good shape. Almost 30 mpg on the freeway.

Priced below KBB for quick sale. Located in Poway, CA. $16,500 OBO. Email or call me with any questions.
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