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I recently flushed the trans fluid as described elsewhere in this forum w/12 qts of Amsoil ATL. Since Toyota only installs a screen, I pieced together & installed a remote inline transmission filter system. While at it, I dropped the pan to clean it and the screen. Nothing was very dirty. The vehicle has 58k miles.

Parts list for remote system:
a) mount - $33
b) 3/8" clamps - $2
c) 6' hi-pressure 3/8" id hose - $15
d) Mobil1-204 filter - $13
e) Two 3/8" by 3/8 npt bent tube fittings - $10
f) One qt. of make-up fluid -$9
Total = $84

Here are 13 pics. The trans remote is on the drivers side, and there is an remote engine oil bypass filter setup on the pass side.
07 Toyota FJ Cruiser Remote Trans Filter pictures by donjetman - Photobucket

There is a thread & Pics of the engine oil bypass setup in the Maintenance Tech area

Hope this helps(you & me?)


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Nice mod. So are you at all concerned with flow restriction? I am sure you already thought of this, but it's worth a mention.
You could take this a step further and add a tranny cooler . That seems to be the best thing you can do for a tranny. Seems you could integrate one fairly easy now. :bigthumb:
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