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'07 Auto FJ - Sluggish acceleration on interstate

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I'm not sure if I'm having the "shudder" problem so many other 2007 FJ owners from here are having, but I notice my engine getting sluggish when accelerating to get on the interstate, or when I step on the gas to pass someone (going 65 to 65+). You can even see it on the tachometer... It'll be rising steadily, and then pause, and then continue. You can feel it in the acceleration too.

I've had Toyota look at and drive it twice and they say "It's just fine - nothing comes up on the computer, and they all drive this way." BS. Something is wrong.

Anyone else having this problem? TYIA

Edit: Maybe this should have been in the "engine" section, and not "transmission" section. Sorry.
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10-4 thanks, CowboyCEO! Much appreciated.

Spark plugs? This thing has spark plugs? Hahaha - just kidding. Um, IDK - whenever Toyota replaced them. The 60k maintenance? I should probably replace them too?

I did request my service history email to me, but have not heard back from Toyota of Des Moines yet. :(
You should be able to register the VIN at Toyota Owners Official Web Site and see it for yourself.
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